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Changes to Facebook Pages: the New Pages Experience

Yikes! Facebook is changing things again! This time they are upgrading the Facebook Business Pages fromt the "Classic Pages Experience" to the "New Pages Experience." Navigation is different, some buttons are in different places, and there are some new features, as well.

If you prefer to watch the full-length training, please view it by clicking the video below. If you prefer the Cole's Notes version, I've provided those below the video.

Why this change?

I believe that Facebook and Instagram, both owned by "Meta", are becoming more and more similar and will eventually merge somewhat. For example, clicking on a hashtag on Instagram will also show you content using that same hashtag over on Facebook.

🔮 That's my prediction! We can only wait and see.

How to know your page has changed

Once your Facebook business page gets converted, you'll notice a little pop-up notification with some confetti. 🎉 YAY! It'll say: "Heads up, your Page experience just got better. We've unlocked new ways to use your Page (Name of Page) and grow its audience."

How to navigate

Once your page converts to the "New Pages Experience", you'll have to navigate Facebook a little bit differently. You can interact as your personal account, or you can switch profiles and interact as your business page.

On your computer, you'll find this button in the top right corner. On your mobile device, it's in the bottom right corner. Select your personal or page profile. You can easily toggle between the two.

Once you've switched into your page profile, you can scroll Facebook as the page. Your business page is able to follow other pages (not people) and you can scroll through your newsfeed and interact with other Facebook pages' content that way. This is cool!

What to do once your page switches over

After your page is converted, there are a few things to double-check to make sure it all converted over nicely:

  1. If you had posts scheduled, they likely have disappeared. You'll have to reschedule them.

  2. Check your contact info over and make sure if was brought over properly.

  3. Your bio now has fewer characters (more similar to Instagram). A sentence may be cut off halfway through. Take a look and make edits as needed.

Check out the new features

It's true, with this update there are some new and interesting features that were released. I'll go through a few of them:

  1. Professional Dashboard This is the place to get access to a lot of the settings that used to be on that lefthand bar of your Facebook Page (on desktop). Find the "Professional Dashboard" button on the lefthand bar and explore it! You'll find insights, tools and other goodies there.

  2. Facebook Page Memories This is one of the goodies you'll find on the Professional Dashboard. Similar to your personal Facebook memories, this tool brings up content that was posted to your business page in the past for you to review, reshare, etc.

  3. Moderation Assist A great tool for an active Facebook Page that gets a lot of comments on the posts/ads, this tool will automatically filter out possible spam comments after you set it up.

Explore Facebook Business Suite

If you haven't checked it out yet, Facebook Business Suite is a great tool for scheduling posts and reviewing insights/data. Business Suite functions quite well on the desktop and the mobile app is pretty great, too!

(of course, if you've had enough of the changes Facebook keeps rolling out, we can handle your social media content creation and management for you - more info here)

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