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We'd like to offer you a complimentary, no obligation meeting with our two resident experts. Meet with one of them, or both of them!*

*Offer open to those who haven't claimed this type of offer before from Michelle or Kim

Michelle Andrishak

Sign up for MY GIFT TO YOU…a 30 minute Business Breakthrough Online Session, Iet’s see if I can power up your productivity and profitability. Remember just because you’re in business for yourself doesn’t mean you have to walk the journey alone!

Kim Free

I'd love to chat with you about strategy for your social media platforms! I'm an expert in generating authentic, organic reach and engagement on Facebook and Instagram and I'd love to help you get from "good" to "excellent"! I give kind & honest feedback.

We are located in Alberta, but serve all of Western Canada and beyond!
Text/Call: 403-586-8390
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