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New and Prospective Client Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’re here, it’s probably because you don’t feel like you have the time or know-how to focus on your social media strategy. You’ve come to the right place - because we live and breathe all things social media and marketing around here! We’ve compiled a list of questions we commonly get asked by clients to help you understand our process and policies a little bit better.


Q: Why does it cost more to post to both Facebook and Instagram if you’re creating the same content for both?

A: Creating the post is just part of the work we do. On Facebook, we also invite those who’ve liked each post to like the page as well. We also regularly share Facebook posts to other places on Facebook so they reach more people. On Instagram, we do ongoing hashtag research and search out new potential customers for you. We also report on the successes that we are seeing on each platform.


Q: So, you create the posts for me? How do you know what to post?

A: Social media marketing plan (we create this together), industry research (that’s on our time, you don’t need to lift a finger!), regular communication (it takes two), and ultimately, we are just that good!


Q: Where do you get the images from the posts?

A: Our clients supply personal/professional images, and we use free or paid stock images, but NEVER GOOGLE OR PINTEREST. 


Q: Why must I give you a month’s notice to cancel the contract?

A: First, to be fair to our employees; they work hard to create relevant content for their clients. Secondly, to maintain a profitable business for long-term sustainability (we want to be around for a while!), and finally, to wrap things up properly with our clients to ensure they get all the services they’ve paid for.


Q: Can you post for me just a couple of times per month?

A: We don’t believe that is an effective marketing strategy, and we want to offer only marketing strategies we can confidently stand behind. The smallest monthly social media package that we offer is two posts per week.


Q: Do you offer non-profit rates?

A: We choose to help one non-profit at a time, giving back to the community while maintaining our profitability. Please inquire about availability.


Q: I’m just launching my business. Where should I start?


  • Logo and branding

  • Website

  • Social media

  • Other services, as needed

We’d be happy to book a time to chat with you about this!

Book a no-pressure coffee chat with Kim


Q: I already have a website but would like to have it updated. Do you offer those services?

A: Sometimes, depending on what platform it was built on. There are endless options and the STGP web designers are only trained on a few of them. We currently work with websites that have been originally built on: Wix, Squarespace, Shopify,  and Wordpress. Please note, sometimes it is easier and makes for a better result if we do a complete redesign. Kim would be happy to book a time to chat with you about this. Please click book here.


Q: Can I hire you for a month to do my posts, then just watch you and what you do?

A: Absolutely! Why not? (note: because of our extensive onboarding process, there will be an onboarding fee. This onboarding fee is waived if you are with us for a minimum of 6 months.)

Q: How can I learn to do what you do? Do you offer training?

A: With all of our monthly social media packages, we offer self-directed learning. We have developed a series of online training videos, handouts, and quizes that you can access and learn at your own pace. Learn along with us, as we create your content for you. If you'd prefer to learn without the social media monthly packages, we have these options.

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