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Graphic design that communicates clearly

At STGP, we strive to create unique and impactful visuals that tell a story. We specialize in graphic design and branding, combining our passion for art and creativity with a keen eye for detail. We partner with our clients to make sure that the end product reflects their vision and speaks to their target audience.

Our team of experienced graphic designers are dedicated to crafting the perfect visuals for each project. We believe in creating stunning designs that stand out from the crowd and make your business shine. 

we design logos and graphics that are:


Attractiveness is key to making your design stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Attractiveness takes center stage in our logo and graphic design ethos. We prioritize crafting visually captivating designs that command attention amidst the digital noise. Moreover, we recognize the pivotal role user-friendliness plays in design success. Our creations seamlessly meld intuitive navigation, swift loading speeds, and frictionless user journeys. By enabling visitors to effortlessly access information and engage as desired, our designs amplify the allure and impact of your brand.


Affordability is another aspect that sets us apart.

Affordability forms a cornerstone of our logo and graphic design approach. Recognizing the financial considerations faced by small and medium businesses, we've curated cost-effective design solutions that uphold uncompromised quality. Our collaborative process ensures your unique requirements are met while staying within budgetary parameters, allowing your brand to access impactful visuals without exceeding financial limits.


Functionality is another essential element of our logo and graphic designs.

Functionality lies at the heart of every logo and graphic design we curate. Our designs combine aesthetic allure with strategic versatility, ensuring your brand's message is communicated seamlessly across diverse platforms. From pixels to print, we craft visuals that make a lasting impact, both online and offline.

The Candle Kingdom
Passio Logo
STGP BasicsToBuzzing Logo
High Country Accounting Logo
Yvonne King logo
Muddy Tires Trucking logo
Cheeky Coutures logo
Cheeky Coutures icon
Iron Mountain Motors logo
Simmer & Co logo
Debbie Baich logo
Ride N Glide Sticker
Ride N Glide sticker
Yvonne King logo
Live Inspired By Purpose - Logo-01 (white background)
Country Creek Performance Training logo
Supercharge Your Gut Wordmark only
WayJays Backyard Logo
South Capital logo
Candle Kingdom before and after
Anita Dawn Creative logo
Anita Dawn Creative logo
Sundre Daycare
High Country Accounting Horizontal logo
Iron Mountain Motors logo

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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Words from our happy Clients!

Passio Practive Solutions' logo and brand graphics

Working with STGP to get my branding, logo design, and website built and launched was an excellent experience! They took my scattered ideas, and created a brand I love! I am grateful for their professionalism, expertise and the care they show for making my business stand out!

Tanice Findlay,
Passio Practice Solutions

How our process works!

Graphic Design roadmap with steps 1 to 8

frequently asked questions

Whether you're needing a business card, poster, brochure, social media banner, or something else entirely, our team of trained and experienced graphic designers will ensure that the designed items match your brand and convey the message you are aiming to convey!

All of our designs are thoughtfully and artistically laid out, are matched to your branding, and of course, you receive all the files.

Hover over any of the frequently asked questions below to learn the answers.


What does the logo and graphic design process entail?

Our process begins with a detailed consultation to understand your brand's essence, goals, and design preferences. We then conceptualize and craft design options for your review. Your feedback is crucial in refining the chosen design, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your vision. For more info, see our Graphic Design Roadmap above.


How many revisions are included in the design package?

Our design packages usually include a set number of revisions to ensure the final design meets your expectations. We value open communication and will work closely with you to refine the design until it's perfect.


Will I have ownership of the final design?

Yes, once the design is finalized and payment is complete, you'll receive full ownership rights to the design. It's your brand's visual identity, and you'll have the freedom to use it as you see fit.


Can you design graphics for various platforms, such as social media and print?

Absolutely. Our designs are versatile and can be adapted for both digital and print media. Whether you need graphics for social media profiles, websites, or printed materials, we've got you covered.


How long does it take to create a logo or graphic design project?

The timeline varies based on the complexity and scope of the project. Simple designs might take a few business days, while more intricate ones can take a couple of weeks. We prioritize delivering quality without compromising efficiency.


What if I need ongoing design work after the initial project?

We're here for the long haul. We offer retainer options for clients who require ongoing design services. This ensures consistent branding and design across all your materials.


How long does it take to create a logo or graphic design project?

The timeline varies based on the complexity and scope of the project. Simple designs might take a few business days, while more intricate ones can take a couple of weeks. We prioritize delivering quality without compromising efficiency.


How do I get started on my logo or graphic design project?

The best way is by either filling out the short form above or by booking a chat with Kim. Click the "book a chat" button below.


Each client and each project is different, so please contact us for a more precise quote. But, to give you an idea about our pricing, please see the general guide below.

Logo Design: starting at $250
Poster: $150 (up to 3 hours design and communication time)
Business card: $150 (up to 3 hours design and communication time)
Brochure/PDF document: $300 (5 hours design/communication time)

Custom Instagram Story Covers: $150

+ $80/hour for each additional hour of design and communication time

Are you ready to see your project come alive?...

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