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Book a Chat and get your marketing questions answered!

I get it. Being a business owner means you need to wear all the hats - marketing, human resources, bookkeeping and more! I'm here to take some of the mystery out of marketing.

Social media content creation, graphic design, website design and more... I'd love to chat with you about your business' marketing endeavors! At the very least, I can take a look at what you have currently and give you a few quick tips. It'll be my gift to you.

Note: I don't do high-pressure sales, so don't expect a sales pitch. Let's just chat.

Bring your questions! 🤓
Kim Free smiling with a coffee mug

Kim Free,

Coffee Chat - book now


"Kim knows marketing for small business inside and out. Kim provides so many tips and workshops to educate you on marketing. I would highly recommend STGP"

- Janine Oliver

"STGP is exactly what my small business needed! Thy created an amazing Website that I’m so proud of. I’m also taking my social media marketing certification through them. Kim is very accessible and helpful with questions I have and is happy to help.
I look forward to continuing working with STGP and their team!"

- Laurel Lepin

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