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If you've purchased access to the ONLINE Course, please access it here.

Kim Free holding a phone with Social Media Managers Training: From Basics to Buzzing in text

Social Media Manager Training: Self-Directed, Online
This online training is available via a login and you can access it at any time. Training videos (plus notes, resources, worksheets, and quizzes) are served up in a manageable fashion each week.

This course is perfect for anyone wanting to learn ALL there is to know about social media for business and wants to do it on their schedule, when they have the time!

A screenshot of the Pick Kim's Brain Facebook group

“Pick Kim’s Brain”, Facebook group

This is the place to get all your social media questions answered. Members can ask up to one question per day, and can also learn from others’ questions.

This option is perfect for those that have a few short questions a month and get frustrated that there isn't a 1-800-FACEBOOK number to call!


Since 2017, we have worked with over 140 businesses to ensure that their social media posts are seen and engaged with. No matter your experience or skill set, we have a training program for you!

Sessions can be tailor-suited for certain topics or can touch briefly on many topics. Below are some examples of topics:

·        Content Marketing: how to create images that grab attention and words that sell

·        Scheduling your posts: when to post, how often to post, and what scheduling program(s) should I use?

·        Images: where to find royalty-free images, how to modify an image, and some photography tips

·        Videos: why videos are king in the social media world, how to film a video, to go live or not, etc.

·        Links, hashtags and more

·        Creating a social media marketing plan for your business. Plan for success!

·        Focus on Facebook / Focus on Instagram

·        Instagram Stories: what they are and how to use them

·        Reading the Insights/Analytics/Data and implementing what you learn from the numbers

·        Boosting a post and/or using Facebook Ads Manager

·        Helping the posts you've created reach more people (without spending money)

·        To view the complete list of approximately 60 topics, please contact us!

Feel free to sample my teaching style before you commit!...

Not sure which option is right for you? No problem, let's talk!

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