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Defining your Brand Voice

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

One of the most intimidating parts of getting a new business going is figuring out your brand voice in the crowded party that is the world of social media. With the DJ cranking out tunes and a million voices fighting for airtime, you kind of wish you had a bullhorn. Maybe if you could “out-roar” the roar, you could finally book a few solid clients.

But wait, what’s even better than a bullhorn?

Connecting with your audience through your authentic voice and story. Now, more than ever, people are craving connection. Clients want to know what makes you unique and what you can offer them that others don’t. They want to know the “who” and the “why” behind the “what”. They want to feel that they know and trust you before they invest in your product or service.

Clarifying your brand voice is vital to the growth and vitality of your business. Clear and consistent branding across your social accounts and website will help cut through the noise of your competitors and land you lasting and loyal clients.

What is your brand voice? Is it corporate jargon thrown out there just to confuse and overwhelm you further? Far from it! Brand voice is anything that portrays what your business is; what tone and language you use in your posts, and what type of photos and graphics you select. With the right tools, inspiration, and determination, you can create your very own brand voice that leaves a lasting impression on your audience, your potential clients.

When you take the time to clarify your brand's personality and voice, you become more confident in who you are, what you offer, and what problems you solve. And likewise, the client is not confused or hesitant. They know exactly what to expect from you.

How important is the colour palette you use in your branding? Up to 90% of product judgment is based solely off the colours. Do you offer massage or essential oils? Possibly you’ll want to create a calm palette of soft blues and greys. Maybe you sell earth-friendly products and would benefit from earthy pastels. If you’re in the food industry, you know that red and yellow can activate appetite (Macdonald’s anyone?).

But colour alone is only one aspect of your brand voice; your font selections and pairings are just as important. Analyze what you want your clients to feel when they see your brand. Serif fonts tend to be more traditional and classic, while sans serif fonts are more modern, simple, bold. Display fonts can be fun and friendly. Take some time to play around with fonts and find that balance that speaks your language.

In addition to your branding colours and fonts, think about items that symbolize who you are and what props will remind people of you and your company. For STGP, I use my nerd glasses and coffee in my social media posts consistently. I even use the little nerd emoji when replying to FB and IG comments! These two visual branding cues tie back into the values of STGP: lifelong learning (nerd glasses) and hard-working (coffee). Are you clear on your business’s values? What visual cues would reflect those values nicely and work to bring your brand’s personality into your social media posts?

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