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Friends of STGP - Small Town Girl Promotions

We have the absolute pleasure of serving small and medium-sized businesses and so many of them also offer products/services to businesses, so we wanted to take the opportunity to share the love! Listed below are some of our favourite B2B businesses that we have come across over the years. Will you discover a useful service or product for your business? Perhaps! Have a read...


Kim's Got You Covered Kim’s Got You Covered is just as the name suggests, owned by local Sylvan Lake resident: Kim Hoffman. Kim is a mother to two boys and survives in an accident prone family. They certainly utilize their accident coverage often! She has helped us with our group benefit coverage, as well as provides comparative life insurance options to ensure her customers get the best for them. She offers such a wide range of health and travel benefits she certainly lives up to the name, Kim’s Got You Covered!

Visit to see all the ways she can help you and get a free quote or insurance review.


Michelle Andrishak Consulting

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and get trapped in the hamster wheel of tasks that don’t move the needle forward. Sometimes it takes an objective eye to see the roadblocks for what they are: challenges you can conquer with a plan of action. Michelle Andrishak, Certified Management Consultant and award-winning business coach helps bold business owners like you get out of the grind, helps you focus on elevating your profits, and your productivity, and brings your team together in a culture they can thrive in! She offers customized business consulting, so your plan and results will be exactly what you need, no cookie-cutters here! Get started with a complimentary strategy call here:

Pendragon Solutions Ltd.

Pendragon Solutions Ltd offers business development consulting, business coaching and business training. They offer advice, guidance, structure, creative ideas and practical solutions to help them grow, develop or operate more efficiently. They also provide policy and procedure writing as well as safety audit preparation and excellent efficiency assessments that save a company huge amounts of time, money, energy, resources and wasted effort.

Finally they also have a very affordable Online Course called Practical Business Development Strategies for Small Business which is perfect for busy business owners or those with tight budgets.

And check out his online course!


Lucid Payments

Lucid Payments is a 100% Canadian Owned & Operated, family business focusing on providing Credit & Debit services to small and medium businesses all across Canada. Unlike the big banks and US owned chains, Lucid Payments prides themselves on offering wholesale rates, superior local service, and a relationships before profits ideology. They take a different approach to just throwing rates around; they will come and sit down with you, explain what all the fees mean, and put together a pricing custom tailored to your specific needs and costs. Get $100 cash back per account you sign up with them!

High Country Accounting

Mandy is a CPA, CA and started her accounting firm to help take the stress off of small business owners. She takes great joy in seeing her clients’ success. Mandy’s firm can help in all areas from year end taxes, bookkeeping, payroll, GST, and other areas as well! Mandy works with clients to minimize taxes and plan for long term success. Owning a business is a marathon, not a sprint and having an excellent support team helps you to go the distance. To book a complimentary meeting with Mandy, please check her out at

Crystal Schewaga at RBC

Crystal believes in building relationships both with her customers and the communities around them. She believes that by connecting people and providing financial literacy to empower people we can all grow together. At RBC she is able to helps support clients at all stages of their business development. Whether you are starting a business, looking at expanding your existing business or maintaining your current operations you are faced with decisions that require support and a skilled professional. If you want to have a conversation about your business she is happy to connect!


Design Packs App

Design Packs App is a toolkit that allows you to add a huge collection of brand-new layout blocks to your Shopify store, along with a ton of added functionality. Tell your brand's story quickly and easily without spending thousands of dollars on expensive web designers or advertising agencies. Customize your store with cool features like countdown timers, videos, slideshows, and more. Install for free to test layouts in your Shopify store and browse the entire library. Visit to install and use the discount code STGP for 15% off monthly subscriptions.

Dubsado The STGP team useas Dubsado to send out proposals, get contracts signed, follow up with leads, and so much more! We love this robust and affordable tool so much and think it's a great fit for many small businesses. If you are looking to automate your business and/or looking for a great tool for proposals and contracts, then you MUST check out Dubsado! Or, as we affectionally call it, Dubs! This is an affiliate link. It gets you 20% off your first month or year (but you can check it out for free first): Video Editing Software

The STGP team uses to create many videos and ads for social media platforms. We find the platform to be easy to navigate and we love the templates and free stock images and videos that are included.

Sign up now and get 10% off!


Do you run a B2B business? Want to be featured here? We'd love to connect! Send Kim an email at and let's see if you're a good fit! STGP is always up for a healthy collaboration!

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