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Now is the Time... to Build your Business on Social Media

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

There's no better time than the present to promote your business online!

Staying connected is now more important than ever, with people and businesses relying on social media to stay in touch with friends, consume the news, and be entertained.

In fact, Facebook and Instagram have seen a 40% increase in usage due to Covid-19, with views for Instagram Live and Facebook Live doubling in one week. (Source:

What follows is a collection of well-researched tips and tricks that should help business owners navigate through advertising on social media during times of crisis/economic uncertainty.

As Instagram expert Jenna Kutcher said, “this is not the season to be quiet, this is the season to communicate.

1. When a Recession Comes, Don't Stop Advertising -the cost of advertising can drop, making it more affordable

-your competitors may scale back their advertising efforts, so it's a great opportunity to surge ahead

-when marketers cut back on their ad spending, the brand loses its “share of mind” with consumers, with the potential of losing current – and possibly future – sales (Source:

Now is the time to reach out to your followers and create an even stronger relationship with them. Michelle Andrishak, of WOW! Women in Business, says that it's time to build a "credibility campaign", which means it's time to help your potential clients know, like and trust you.

2. Research says... In a time of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to maintain content consistency for your business on social media. (Source: It's time to be empathetic with your posts...

Covid-19 is affecting everyone around the world, but in different ways. Remember to think outside of your own situation, have empathy for your followers, & offer compassion. With this mind, think twice before posting memes!

You don’t have to mention Covid-19 explicitly in all of your content, but do take into consideration the tone of your captions and how it could be interpreted by people facing a different reality than you might be in.

Remember that some of your followers have lost their jobs, are caring for a loved one, trying to work at home with a toddler, might be sick themselves, etc. (Source:

3. How to Use Social Media for Crisis Communications and Emergency Management

  1. Review—and possibly pause—your upcoming social calendar

  2. Have a social media policy in place

  3. Know who’s on your “tiger” team

  4. Make sure employees are aware of your organization’s position

  5. Communicate with honesty, openness, and compassion

  6. Cite only credible sources

  7. Use social media listening and monitoring to stay informed

  8. Avoid “trend-jacking” or activities that appear profit-driven

  9. Leave room for questions

  10. Don’t disappear

(Source: Hootsuite Blog)

4. How to Make the Most of your Social Media Advertising Efforts

In order to make the most of your efforts advertising your business on social media (and I am focusing on Facebook and Instagram here), you must know (1) how the platform works, (2) what type of content works best on the platform you're working with, (3) and have a clear understanding of your business (target audience, goals, branding, competition, etc).

It might feel strange to be marketing your products/services in a time of such economic uncertainty. If it does feel strange, then speak to that! Even a simple “It feels weird to promote something right now, but…” can go a long way in showing your followers that you’re listening and caring.

If we haven't worked together before, I'd like to offer you a gift... Let's jump on a video or phone call and take a look at your current social media advertising strategy. I'd love to give you some friendly tips and tricks to take it from "great" to "excellent"! Book that call HERE.

5. Recent Facebook Updates

1. Lead Generation in Facebook Messenger

2. "Facebook Live" updates, and glitches (especially on a desktop) Find More Info about Facebook Updates HERE

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