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3 Easy Ways to Reach more Customers on Facebook

The Facebook algorithm recently changed... and it is meaning that posts on Facebook business pages are reaching fewer people. You want your posts to reach people, right? Then read this:

1. Create Engaging Posts

People don't watch TV because they love watching the commercials. They love their shows! So... don't write ad after ad after ad on your Facebook Page. Instead, tell stories. How messy is your desk? Did an employee do or say something funny? Did an employee win an award or complete some training? Ask for feedback from your followers!

Be yourself. Be real. Be funny (if it's appropriate for your business). Take pictures of what is happening in your business and write about it.

2. Share the Posts...

a) to your personal timeline

Take one of the posts that you've created and share it (once a week) onto your personal timeline. Your friends and family are likely interested in your business, too. Post regular things on your timeline (photos of your family, your pets, your travels, your life), but then share a business post about once a week, too.

b) into groups

Join some Facebook groups that your potential customers are likely to be a part of. Read the rules of the groups. Then, if it's allowed, share your Facebook business page posts into the group(s) you have joined.

c) onto your friends' timelines

CAUTION: don't get spammy! Ask for permission first, always. If you have a friend or family member who is ultra-supportive of your business, ask him or her to share a particular post onto their personal Facebook feed. Then it will reach many of their friends!

3. Spend some Money

It might be time to start spending some money on Facebook ads. Even $10-$20 can make quite a bit of difference to the number of people that you reach. The easiest way is to BOOST a post. Make sure to choose an audience (tell Facebook that you want to reach people within a certain area, age range, and even with certain interests). Then set your budget and your timeline. It's easier than you think! Here's some step-by-step instructions.

If you're looking for more of a challenge, try creating a Facebook ad from scratch. Use the "Ad Manager". Here's a three chapter guide.

A note about spending money on Facebook...

A recent client told me that she recently spent about $20 on boosting a Facebook post and she wasn't pleased about the results. She wanted more clients to sign up for her programs, but she wasn't getting many messages.

A day later, she contacted me again and she was over the moon! She had been contacted to speak at a large community event, she booked a whole new event, and someone mentioned to her that she had seen her ad.

The moral of the story...

Don't get discouraged if you aren't getting the results that you were expecting. Perhaps there is something different in store for you. Go with the flow, and take the opportunities as they come.

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