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30+ Types of Social Media Content Your Fans Will Love

YOU know you’re fun and engaging, but sometimes you worry that your potential clients don’t see it. You’re tired of posting the same old salesy posts and you’re starting to lose followers. Some weeks you don’t post at all because you’re simply running dry. How do you find new inspiration for authentic engagement with your audience on social media?

The first thing to remember is that your audience is human. They are living, breathing beings just like you, and if you’re bored of the content, then so are they. It’s time to spice things up a little. If every post is asking for a sale, it’s going to feel a bit icky for both of you, but if you never ask for a sale, you’re missing out on income opportunities. Social media is all about people. Have a little fun with it, make them smile, inspire, educate, talk to them, connect with them. If you'd like a free resource that contains captions for 30 social media posts, grab that HERE.

Make them smile.

Share a tasteful comic or joke (bonus points if it’s related to your industry), a viral video (come on, who doesn’t like a good fail compilation or cats terrified of cucumbers?), or a meme relating to current events or pop culture. Create a contest or giveaway - everyone wants the chance to win! Share throwbacks for the sentimental in the crowd, and puzzles for the thinkers.

Inspire them.

Find inspirational quotes relating to your brand or your audience. It’s easy to create your own branded images with a quote and your logo/colours (remember to give credit where it’s due). Share trivia and amazing facts, beautiful images that tug at the heart in some way, and stories of staff or client triumphs. As Brene Brown says, “We're wired for story… we feel the most alive when we're connecting with others and being brave with our stories - it's in our biology.”

Educate them.

Share curated blog posts relevant to an issue your audience will relate to, or write your own! Take a little time to Google tips and tricks, do some industry research, share case studies. Create & share answers to FAQs, free resources, and live video training. Giving out free information positions you as an expert and builds trust with your audience.

Talk to them.

Ask questions. Get creative with polls, ask for advice, create “fill-in-the-blanks” or “caption this” type posts. Try to add conversation to each post; it takes little effort but shows you’re more invested than just dropping a pic and running.

Connect with them.

Bring your fans behind the scenes in your business. So much of social media is carefully curated and perfected; people want to see what really goes on behind the screen! Share previews of products or services before they’re officially listed. Show photos or videos of your personal life and events, and feature your staff, colleagues, vendors, and clients. Everyone loves to connect with the humans behind the business.

Ask for the sale.

“Bleed in the first line” is great advice a lot of professional writers follow. This is also known as a “hook” in sales to grab attention at the start. Give the details of your product or services and how it can solve their issue. Tell them how they can contact you, and only sell one product or service at a time.

To help you out, we’ve created a little cheat sheet infographic for you to print and display near your workspace so you have insta inspo whenever you’re scrambling for content. If you'd like a free resource that contains captions for 30 social media posts, grab that HERE.

Let us know which tips have been the most helpful, and which strategies seem to engage your audience the most!

If you'd like a free resource that contains captions for 30 social media posts, grab that HERE.

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