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Friends of STGP

Over the past several years, we have had the pleasure of working with several local businesses who exceed our expectations! Also, we've been fortunate to find online tools that have made our work easier.

The compilation of shout outs, affiliate links, and thank yous below are 100% genuine. We would never recommend a business, tool, or strategy that we didn't wholeheartedly believe in!

Local Businesses

Patrysha and I found one another in the Facebook world and I was instantly drawn to her unique personality, her kindness, and her creativity in her work. She created a beautiful animated logo for me and I just love it!

Here's a bit about Patrysha...

"My name is Patrysha and I’m all about helping you save money on marketing without looking cheap…

I specialize in Champagne Marketing on a Beer Budget, which simply means creating marketing that stretches your budget and amplifies your impact.

Through the creative use of video, publicity and copywriting, we will co-create marketing that works to promote you as a small town small business owner or unconventional professional.

I like to say I create MAGIC which is marketing that attracts genuine, interested clients –  Writing and videography are my primary tools, but I also accept speaking and teaching opportunities, online and offline."

Use the coupon code STGP on her website to get $10 off your animated video or press release!


WOW! Women in Business

Michelle, founder and CEO of WOW!, is a certified management consultant and business coach who has helped my business grow exponentially over the past year! And she is more than that... she is a wonderful referral buddy, a person that you can ask all of those crazy business questions, and best of all, she's a friend.

Since hiring Michelle as much business coach, my business has seen a 32% increase in profits over a 7 month timeframe. Plus, she has helped me to step confidently into the CEO role! I highly recommend working with Michelle Andrishak if you are ready to take the reins of your business and become a successful CEO.

There are several ways to work with Michelle, so she is able to help you, no matter what your budget... 1. Join the community Facebook group

2. Attend the online and in-person gatherings

3. Join the VIP Tribe Membership

4. Join an Inner Circle Mastermind

5. Work one-on-one with Michelle

No matter which you choose, you'll find a community of women that gather to share business and leadership wisdom, to learn more about each other and to build connections and collaborations!

Learn more:

Feel free to use my affiliate code when joining the VIP Tribe Membership: KimF


SMARTS - local print and promotions shop in Sundre, Alberta.

Candace and I go back a long time. SMARTS (when it was called Smarts Trophies) was one of my first social media clients and of course, I was a customer of theirts, too! I've ordered printed t-shirts from them, pens with logos, local paper printing, and probably more that I'm forgetting about!

For more information about SMARTS and what Candace can offer you and your business/organization, head to


Gadget's Computers

Offering computer upgrades, computer & related equipment, business solutions, and virus removal & tune up... I personally wouldn't take my laptop anywhere else for service! The guys and gals of Gadget's (in Olds and Sundre, Alberta) know their stuff, their fees are reasonable, and they are kind and courteous. I'm a Gadget's fan for life!


Real Value Capital  ( helps founders and entrepreneurs get funded. Our clients have over a 90% funding success rate (versus the broker model which has only a 1 - 4% success rate). We have an active network of over 30,000 angel investors, and several hundred years experience on our team. Our experts are themselves successful entrepreneurs and/or angel investors, so we know what it takes. For those not quite ready for a SEED round, we also advise on crowdfunding, as well as assisting you to share the opportunity to invest with your family, friends and associates. 

We will meet with you for a free 45 minute session and tell you what you need to do to get funded and grow. We will also give you a free no obligation business self-assessment tool so you can see which areas you need to focus on for success.

Contact Coralie at

Coralie J Banks, FCMC CEO Global Real Value Capital Inc.


Complete Financial Care by Janine

As a business owner herself, and with decades of experience in banking and financial services, Janine is an excellent gal to have in your corner for everything financial! Personally, she has helped my family get sorted out with life insurance, a health spending account (for business owners), legal care, and more! She is so kind, so gentle, and so knowledgeable.

"Hi, I’m Janine Oliver with Complete Financial Care by Janine. I am a compassionate and thoughtful certified financial advisor with over 35 years in the industry. I broker tailor made financial services and plans for all areas of your life. I am passionate about providing my clients with peace of mind, knowing they are on the right path to achieve their goals.

My gift to you is a laser focused 20 minute zoom call to overcome the largest financial roadblock you have in front of you."

587-582-5525 | |


Bornn Bookkeeping

Have a mess in your business financials and need some help? Don't be embarassed, just call Chantelle - she's seen it all!

I've had the pleasure of knowing Chantelle for a couple of years now and I've personally used her services in regards to figuring out the government support programs when COVID hit. She is so knowledgeable, so patient, and is good at explaining things ... even to someone like me who does not speak bookkeeping language.

If you need bookkeeping services for your business, consider Bornn Bookkeeping.



Dubsado My first business coach, Theresa, introduced me to the idea of using Client-Relationship-Management (CRM) software to help run my business. We worked together to get it all set up and running smoothly. I was hesitant at first, because I didn't want it to feel too robotic or inauthentic, from my clients' perspective. However, one morning, my mind was made up and I became a fan of Dubsado for life!... I was in the shower, getting ready for the day and already my mind was going in a thousand different directions. I was trying to remember who I had to get back to and scheming about what my next marketing ploy would be. I got out of the shower, got dressed, and headed downstairs for my morning coffee.

Ding! Ding! My email notifications went off. Low and behold, a new client had signed a contract while I was in the shower. By the time I was getting my socks on, my bookkeeper received an email from me letting her know about the new client. And, by the time I had poured my morning coffee, the invoice had been sent and my new client had paid their first invoice!

Get 20% off your first year by using my affiliate code: kimfree

The STGP team uses to create many videos and ads for social media platforms. We find the platform to be easy to navigate and we love the templates and free stock images and videos that are included.

Sign up now and get 10% off!

Post My Party has been a lifesaver when it comes to scheduling posts to a Facebook group. It is especially helpful for network marketers who are posting "online parties" to sell their products. Imagine if... you were able to create entire parties or trainings one at a time as a template and easily schedule them with a few clicks of the mouse. That's PostMyParty!

Click here to get started today.

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The STGP team is here to help with all things social media, website design, graphic design, and online marketing! If you need more eyes on your business, reach out. We love helping business owners take advertising off their TO DO lists.

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