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Protect your Facebook Business Page: 5 Easy Steps

Don't open any messages from me, I've been hacked again!

I can't get into my personal Facebook account - help! I got flagged for not following the Community Standards. What does that mean?

My ad got rejected. Why? How do I fix this?

or the dreaded...

I've lost access to my Facebook business page! Please help!

As Facebook makes changes, I'm getting more and more messages from people who have been hacked, lost access, been flagged, or even had their Facebook business page deleted permanently.

But don't worry, I'm here to help! And the best thing that we can do right now, is set up some preventative measures so that these things don't happen to you.

1. Set up 2 Factor Authentication on your personal Facebook account.

I know, I know. It can be annoying to have to log in every time you use a different device and you don't remember your password. And those 2-factor authentication steps? Annoying! But... I think it's a better option than losing your account completely, so hear me out.

Set up 2 Factor Authentication on your personal Facebook account. This will ensure that if someone is trying to hack into your account by guessing a password or whatnot, there's at least a level of protection set up.

To set this up, login to Facebook using your regular, personal Facebook profile. Then head to "Settings and Privacy", then "Settings". Now click on "Security and login" and scroll down to 2-factor authentication. Turn it on and set it up!

Bonus Tip: While you're messing around in your personal Facebook settings, it's a good idea to make sure the email you use for Facebook is an email that you have access to! If not, it's time to change that or add a secondary email.

2. Make your friends list private.

Nine times out of ten, when people get "hacked" on Facebook, it's a spammer creating a copycat profile of their account. It seems scary, but most of the time, they haven't actually logged into their account.

This is what happens... The spammers are looking for targets. They find personal Facebook profiles that have visible friend lists, which allows them to make a duplicate ("copycat") Facebook profile and then reach out to your Facebook friends, because they can see your friends list! Their motivation here is to get your Facebook friends to trust them and click a link that they send over messenger - the link is malicious.

To avoid this, here are the steps:

Click "Settings and Privacy", then "Settings", then "Privacy". (Yes, weird, I know!) Scroll down to "Who can see your friends list?" and set it to either "Friends" or "Only me".

3. Add a second admin to your Facebook business page.

If your Facebook account was to get hacked, or if you lost access (trust me, both of these things happen quite regularly), you would likely lose access to your Facebook business page. And getting access back isn't impossible - but it is certainly difficult!

So, again, let's be preventative about this and put some things in place so that losing access to your Facebook business page is less likely to happen.

Adding a second ADMIN to your business page will act as a back-up in case something happens. Here are my recommended steps:

  1. Choose someone that you trust completely - preferably someone with some tech skills that has a personal Facebook account. This could be a spouse, sibling, best friend, or business partner.

  2. Ask them if they would do you the honour of being a second, back-up admin of your business Facebook page. Explain to them why it's important to you.

  3. Invite them to be an admin on your page. Note: in the "New Pages Experience", this is called giving someone Facebook Access (not task access). See instructions on how to do this here.

  4. Let your trustworthy person know that you've invited them. They will have to check their Facebook notifications and accept the invitation.

4. Make sure your Facebook business page is set up properly, including creating a business manager account.

Our team has recently worked with a couple of businesses that have lost access to their Facebook business pages recently because their page wasn't set up properly in the backend. In fact, one business page was even deleted permanently!

Your Facebook Page should be connected to a business manager account that you have access to. If you are the owner, you should own the business manager account and all your related Meta assets should be connected to that business manager account.

So, the first step is to learn a bit about what a Meta business manager account is. Read this short article.

Next, determine if you have a business manager account or not by logging into Facebook from a computer, then, open another tab on your browser and head to . If it says something like "Let's get started", then you know you need to set up an account. If it shows you a screen similar to the image below, then CONGRATS, you have a business manager account already!

Once you have your business manager account set up, it's time to add your assets. Add your Facebook Page(s), Instagram account(s), ad account(s), and pixels to your business manager account. (Click on "Settings", then "Business Assets"). If you need more help with this step, feel free to reach out here, or read this Facebook help article.

5. Check your "Account Quality".

Sometimes, we have gone against the Facebook Community Standards without even knowing it! Other times, our posts, ads, or catalogue items have erroneously been flagged by the Facebook bots that are constantly scanning content and using artificial intelligence to flag items. It's a great idea to check your flags both your personal and business accounts. To check on your personal account, go here: Facebook

To check on your business account, go here: Account Quality (


Facebook can be a very powerful tool to use in your business. From engaging organic content that further develops your brand's relationship with its customers to powerful Facebook ads that get people visiting your website and purchasing from you, it's a tool that you likely don't want to lose access to. What's the saying?

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

By taking 10 minutes to put these preventative measures in place, you could be saving yourself from hours of painful headaches and frustration. Set aside some time now - or block it in your calendar - and get it done!

And, if you run into trouble, please know that I'm here to support you. You can book a one-on-one session with me here.

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