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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Copywriter for Your Blog or Website

So you weren’t that kid with your nose in a book all through elementary school. You’re trying to keep prepositions and conjunctions straight while figuring out if the Oxford comma is still a thing. You still want to be professional, get your point across, and still be entertaining!

The thing is, you're great at what you do. Whether you're a mechanic, life coach, accountant, or physiotherapist, you are killing it! But writing? That may be one project you can delegate to a professional who can help craft your company's message. A good copywriter can take your ideas and information and wrap it up into a consumable piece.

The following are my top five reasons to hire a copywriter:

1. It helps free up my time for marketing & client care.

It would be incredible to have enough brain power and hours in the day to do it all myself. But since that isn’t possible, I am learning to invest my energy into marketing, client care, and team support. My copywriter takes my ideas and churns them out into magic. I promise it is worth every penny!

2. I get an outsider’s point of view.

Sometimes I get tunnel vision on my own, and don’t see the bigger picture. Hiring someone on the outside with a bird’s eye view of my business keeps the content fresh and interesting.

3. I know that my copy looks professional.

Poor grammar and spelling can discredit a company and their message. We’ve all visited a website at some point with a glaring error in their content. It can cast a shadow on their competence. Never underestimate the power of proper grammar and usage!

4. It keeps a balance between “salesy” and personal posts.

On my own, I often stray on the side of being either too sales-focused or too personal. A good copywriter hits a balance of both, revealing my company’s story while still presenting a sales opportunity.

5. A well-written blog will lure people to the website.

Humans are hard-wired for storytelling. When my [copywriter’s] well-crafted article gets shared on social media, readers will turn to my website. They want to know who I am and what I offer. They want to get to know the character behind the story.

Hiring a professional copywriter will always be a good investment. It allows you to continue being great at what you do, while supporting another hard-working entrepreneur.

For more information on our copywriting services, please click HERE.


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