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What colours are best to use in your marketing?

This really depends on what you want to portray, who your audience is and what emotions you want to evoke.

Colour serves many purposes in marketing: It associates brands with broader sectors and industries, it drives emotion and creates emotional cues, it can even directly influence purchasing decisions. Therefore, your choice of colour, whether it’s in your overall branding, in a campaign, or in a single graphic, can affect your bottom line in unexpected ways.

When choosing colours, think about the way you want to be perceived by customers. This can help further narrow down your colour scheme.

Brand goals: Do you want customers to be confident, to get rich, to be better educated?

Target audience: Do you want them to feel glamourous, peaceful, or excited?

Personality traits: Is your brand fun, serious, or inspirational?

From there, dive a little deeper into how colours make us feel as consumers. Here is a super quick breakdown:

Pink: Romance, femininity, sympathy, health, love

Red: Excitement, warmth, strength, passion, impulse

Orange: Energizing, warmth, happiness, flamboyant, fun

Yellow: Creativity, friendliness, confidence, wealth

Purple: Luxury, quality, wisdom, curative, mystery

Brown: Calm, reliable, natural, traditional, strength

Green: Calm, wealth, environment, peace, balance, good luck

Blue: Security, stability, efficiency, intelligence, calmness

Black: Glamour, sophistication, security, timeless, power

White: Simplicity, hope, light, trust, purity

Your colour choice can build your brand’s aesthetic while also bringing you closer to your target audience. Use the colours that will highlight your brand’s strengths, evoking the right feelings for the right audience.

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