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Have you Invited your Friends?

One of the first steps that should be taken on your Facebook business Page is to invite your Friends to "like" your Page! Your friends and family are likely interested what you are doing in your work life, so why not give them the opportunity to stay in the know?

First, go to your Facebook business Page. If you're on a computer, on the right hand side, there's a blue link that says "Invite Friends". Click it and then push the INVITE button beside any of the friends you'd like to invite. If you're on a phone, you should be able to find the "invite friends" button near the top of the Page, just under where it says how many "likes" the Page has. On the same day that you invite a schwack of your friends, you should also share your Page to your own personal Facebook timeline. This way they will see the invitation in two places, so to speak, and they will be more likely to act!

Facebook "likes" on your Page aren't the be-all and end-all. People are more likely to see your Page's posts if they have liked, commented, or shared your posts in the past. If someone "likes" your Page, they are not guaranteed to see every one of your posts. However, it helps. And besides, inviting people to like your Page only takes a minute or two of your time! Bonus points: If you have more than one administrator on your Page, get him/her to also invite friends!

Bonus bonus points: You actually don't need to be a Page administrator to invite people to like a Page. Do you have a friend or family member or maybe a raving fan who might be willing to invite some people for you? What are you waiting for? Ask them to do it! The worst they could say is "no".

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